Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Introduction to module (aims & objectives, installing SPSS, setting up a blog, aims of the assessment)

Activity 1 – Once you have set up your blog make a short entry, titled ‘About me’, of 100-250 words telling the other members of the group something about yourself—personal, professional, hobbies—and what you hope to get out of participating in the module.  If you can include a photograph that is good but not compulsory.  Once you have done that please paste the URL for the blog into a message and post it on the discussion board.

Activity 2 – Install SPSS on your computer; once you have installed it successfully please let the other members of the group know on the discussion board and please be willing to advise other members of the group who may be having problems with this.  If you are having problems, please ask other members of the group to help.

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